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[movies]CGI Day4 - sWooZie
Dec 2006: Day 4 of DirecTV's CGI gaming event in Los Angeles
Keywords: CGI; CGS; driectv; 101; swoozie; master; vanessa; doa; pgr; xbox; 360; CSS; adande; vlog
Downloads: 93
[movies]Interrogation: Rebellion AVP Interview
Angry Joe Interviews Tim Jones - Executive Producer at Rebellion with your tough questions regarding the Final State of Aliens vs. Predator.
Keywords: video gaming; rebellion; xbox 360
Downloads: 3
[movies]AppAdvice Daily - Appisode 185
iOS 4.2 beta is now available to devs, find out how to turn your iPhone into a DSLR substitute and we have an app that will have you going 360. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.
Keywords: 360 panorama; photojojo; ios 4.2
Downloads: 2
[movies]Top Reasons Fallout 3 Kicks Ass
This is from back in October of 2008, when AngryJoe Previewed Fallout 3 with his Top Reasons It will Kick Ass!
Keywords: video gaming; fallout 3; xbox 360; parody
Downloads: 9
[movies]Bleeding Edge TV 353: Xbox 360 Slim vs Original
http://www.gearlive.com - We give you a head-to-head comparison of the brand new Xbox 360 S (the redesigned console) and the original Xbox 360 design in this video. There are a lot more changes than just hard drive size and thinness, and we give you the full scoop.
Keywords: technology; xbox 360 s; xbox 360 slim; xbox 360; kinect; microsoft; comparisons; video games; project natal; andru edwards; gear live; videogames; reviews
Downloads: 3
[movies]Halo: Reach Review
Angry Joe Reviews the last Halo game to be developed by Bungie. Love it or Hate it Halo has become a ;Juggernaut. Can this latest title live up to the hype and wash away the bad memories of ODST?
Keywords: video gaming; halo; reach; game review; xbox 360; bungie; microsoft
Downloads: 2
[movies]Sacred 2 Xbox 360 Preview - How to get your GF to play
AngryJoe cannot wait for Sacred 2's release, here he tells you about this little known under the radar game release and how excited he is for its debut. AngryJoe attempts to get back his Girl whom he lost to his Fallout 3 obsession. With Co-Op Gameplay players can have their Girls and their Games, Together!
Keywords: video gaming; sacred 2; xbox 360; parody; preview
Downloads: 2
[movies]AJ: Terminator Salvation Game Review + Bonus G.I.
In the Grim Future there is only Joe...and Video Games. The Year is 2018 and the Human Resistance receives a mysterious package. A new kind of Sinister Infiltrator! Watch Joe give this game what it deserves!
Keywords: video gaming; terminator salvation; game idea; game reviews; xbox 360
Downloads: 2
[movies]Top 5 Reasons Why Fallout 3 Kicks Ass!
Angry Joe Presents the Top 5 Reasons FALLOUT 3 will be THE BEST RPG of This Year.1. Fallout Mythology2. Bethesda3. Compelling Story4. VATS Combat System5. Bad Ass Weapons
Keywords: video gaming; fallout 3; video review; parody; xbox 360
Downloads: 6
[movies]RROD - Angry Joe 3.0
Angry Joe Gets the Dreaded RROD.
Keywords: video gaming; rrod; microsoft; xbox 360; angry; warranty; corporate
[movies]Mortal Kombat, and Dishing into Blockbuster Ep 8
The Lounge Crew discuss Mortal Kombat the web series, Google investing in original content, Blockbuster being bought at an auction, and Indie documentary by The Horne Brothers, and being able to shoot 360 degrees with the iPhone. ;Hope you enjoy the show.www.theloungemagazine.com
Keywords: searchonly; mortal kombat; blockbuster; horne brothers; 360; iphone; documentary
[movies]Sh*t That Pisses Me Off - Madden 2009 Players!
On this Episode of The AngryJoeShow'sShit That Pisses Me Off Series....Angry Joe Takes On:1. Mcdonalds New Sauce Policy2. Adnan Takes on Joe Himself about Madden.Comment, Rate, and Subscribe!
Keywords: video gaming; madden; xbox 360; gaming parody; angryjoe
Downloads: 4
[movies]Game Review: Risen (Xbox 360)
Angry Joe Loves RPG's and in this Nightmare Review he Encounters one of the WORST he's ever played. An Angry Rant on just what can go wrong with the beloved formula. But ultimately just how awfully will Risen Rate on our Final Verdict?
Keywords: video gaming; risen; xbox 360; rpg; game review; angry joe
Downloads: 13
[movies]Fable II DLC Analysis Parody review
AngryJoe and Tons0Fun get the Fable II DLC Announcement on the HQ Fax! Their Reaction to the new content, check it out!
Keywords: video gaming; fable 2; fable; dlc; xbox 360; parody; angryjoe
Downloads: 3
[movies]Mirrors Edge Parody Review - Exclusive Interview w/ Faith
AngryJoe and Tons0Fun look at a day in the life of Madison (Faith) in their review of Mirrors Edge. AngryJoe doesn't think the game is a big deal while Tons0Fun defends the games Unique Brand of Gameplay.
Keywords: video gaming; mirrors edge; xbox 360; faith interview; game parody
Downloads: 3
[movies]Mirrors Edge Parody Review - Exclusive Faith Interview
AngryJoe and Tons0Fun look at the game Mirrors Edge, while landing an Exclusive Interview with Faith!
Keywords: video gaming; mirrors edge; parody; review; xbox 360; faith interview
Downloads: 8
[movies]Live Action Penny Arcade: Prototype Comic Homage
Angry Joe Pays Homage to the Guys at Penny Arcade by doing a live action version of their strip "Consumer Advocacy". Why should you buy prototype? One Reason.
Keywords: video gaming; penny arcade; parody; prototype; xbox 360; consumer advocacy
Downloads: 1
[movies]Just the Parodies Joe: Prototype
Just the Parodies for Prototype (from our Angry Prototype Review)
Keywords: video gaming; game parodies; angry joe; prototype; xbox 360
Downloads: 12
[movies]Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC Expansion
Angry Joe is Sick and Tired of Bethesda releasing buggy DLC content, they have 2 strikes already, will Broken Steel be the 3rd?
Keywords: video gaming; fallout 3; broken steel; dlc; xbox 360; bethesda
Downloads: 30
[movies]Rage Quit Paper Sky
This week, Michael soars through the air in the Xbox Live Indie Game, Paper Sky. You never knew living as a piece of paper was so dangerous.
Keywords: rage; quit; indie; xbox; live; hd; achievement; hunter; rooster; teeth; video; 360; playthrough; gameplay; commentary; paper sky; xbox 360
Downloads: 2
[movies]First Look: Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360
Patrick and Darryl are looking for those rare 80s DVDs of Transformers Animated G1 series and after failing to find the DVD's in the phone section, Darryl finds Patrick Kinect for Xbox 360 trying out the "share-snapshot" and "bowling bit"
Keywords: comedy; microsoft kinect; kinect for xbox 360; 360; xbox; xbox 360; shopping; store; retailer; stupid; too close; read the label; warning signs; precaution; fail; face; smack; hit; wallop; patrick; darryl; sony x10 xperia
Downloads: 4
[movies]GSYMDK - Stone Age + Win Xbox Games !
Skitch joins in for this special episode, starting with a small contest to win free XBOX360 games !
Keywords: benzaie; lethal; judgement; stone; age; xbox; 360; xbox360; indy games nintendo sega shoot them up fps microsoft; nintendo; amiga; atari; tgwtg; music; soundtrack
Downloads: 7
[movies]Bleeding Edge 319: Xbox 360 Fall 09 Dashboard Review: Facebook, Twitter, Last.m, Instant on 1080p
http://www.gearlive.com - We got our hands on the new Fall 2009 Xbox 360 Dashboard update, which features Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm, and Instant-on 1080p movie streaming from Zune. There are a few other new details as well, and we give you a detailed look at it all in this video. Sit back and enjoy!
Keywords: technology; facebook; twitter; last.fm; xbox 360; fall 2009 dashboard update; zune; instant on 1080p; xbox 360 features; gaming; andru edwards; gear live
Downloads: 2
[movies]Rage Quit - Pocketbike Racer
This week, Michael revisits an old friend in the Burger King game, Pocketbike Racer for the Xbox 360. He's almost creepier than King Ryan....almost.
Keywords: rage; quit; indie; xbox; live; arcade; hd; achievement; hunter; rooster; teeth; video; 360; playthrough; gameplay; commentary; pocketbike racer; burger king; xbox 360
Downloads: 3
[movies]Angry Game Review: Just Cause 2
Its a FACT that there's not too many Hispanic Super Hero's in games. Can Rico Rodriguez take his place among great like Desperado or does he end up simply Rico Suave? Find out in this Surprisingly Fun Sandbox game!
Keywords: video gaming; just cause 2; xbox 360 review; angry joe; desperado; rico; avalanche studios
Downloads: 3
[movies]Red Faction - Guerrilla: First Impressions Parody
Get your Ass to Mars! and join Angry Joe and Tons0Fun as they get their First Look at Red Faction Guerrilla. Was it all a Bad Dream or a Virtual Simulation?
Keywords: video gaming; red faction guerrilla; xbox 360; first impressions review; preview; parody; total recall
Downloads: 4
[movies]Alan Wake Flipnote Edition
What was that game about again ? Oh that's right...
Keywords: alan; wake; microsoft; games; funny; parody; flipnote; xbox; 360; paddle; controller; short; animation
Downloads: 2
[movies]Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Review
Angry Joe Reviews the Sequel to the Notorious Kane & Lynch series. Allegedly Jeff Gerstmann was fired for giving the original a bad review, how will the sequel fair?
Keywords: video gaming; kane and lynch 2; dog days; game review; xbox 360; ps3; pc
Downloads: 1
[movies]AngryJoe Award Nominees Video 2008 1st Annual
Steveo "Scuba Steve" Hosts the 1st Annual AngryJoeShow Awards Nominee's Video. In this video our viewers get the chance to vote via comments, email, or our website polls on which videos, actors, and parody sketches were the best of the year! This way Joe can better serve you guys the best parody content we can come up with!
Keywords: video gaming; angry joe; awards show; game of the year; xbox 360; parody video
Downloads: 2
[movies]Top 5 Reasons Fable 2 will KICK ASS!
In this Video Game Comedy Sketch Preview Angry Joe Looks at the Top 5 Reasons FABLE II will kick ass and be crowned the latest best RPG. 1. The Dog - BooBoo Memories, Cats Suck 2. Local Co-op - Letter to my Sister from Fable II 3. Questing Partners - Taking anyone on quests with you 4. Singing Dudes - Spreads your Legend 5. The Small Details - The Music, and starting a Family
Keywords: video gaming; gaming; fable ii; gameplay; xbox 360; trailer; top list; comedy; sketch show
Downloads: 3
[movies]Let's Play The Bourne Conspiracy - Part 2: "It's a Spaceman!"
Bourne is on the docks, trying to infiltrate the enemy. Guards, a giant, and an astronaut. stand in his way. Can Jason Bourne overcome these obstacles? Or will he fall to a... ROCKET MAN!
Keywords: comedy; video gaming; jason; bourne; paramount; xbox; 360; microsoft; ipen; productions; sierra; robert; ludlum
Downloads: 5
[movies]Fable 2 Angry Review
AngryJoe's First NegaReview, for our first game we take a look at the Much Hyped Best-Selling Game, Fable 2. What pissed you off the most about this RPG?
Keywords: video gaming; fable 2 review; angry video game review; xbox 360; parody; comedy; sketch show
Downloads: 1
[movies]Mindjack Angry Review
Angry Joe literally loses his mind reviewing Mindjack from Square Enix. Its only ;January
Keywords: video gaming; mindjack; square enix; xbox 360; game review; angry review; angry joe
Downloads: 7
[movies]Fallout 3 vs Fable 2 - Which Is Better?
Which were the Best in Games in the Month of October?Angry Joe has Fallout 3 battling Fable 2 with Fallout CRUSHING the toddler Fable 2, how do you see it?RANK the Top 3 Games From the Month of October Only, Joes:1. Fallout 32. Fable II3. Farcry 2
Keywords: video gaming; fallout 3; fable 2; best rpg; xbox 360; video review; parody; angryjoe
Downloads: 6
[movies]Two Worlds II - Angry Review
Angry Joe takes on Two Worlds II, the sequel to one of the most notoriously bad xbox 360 RPGs. Just how much can Two Worlds Improve given time? Find out if this latest effort is worth your cash!
Keywords: video gaming; two worlds ii; xbox 360; game review; rpg; southpeak; topware; realitypump
Downloads: 2
[movies]AppAdvice Daily: Appisode 385
Google branches out and releases a new photo sharing app called Photovine. Griffin is giving the AR Drone a run for its money, and finally some hot freebies.
Keywords: google; photovine; griffin; helo tc; apps gone free; occipital; 360 panorama; crossword
[movies]Trials Evolution: Trials Files #54
Geoff and Jack take a look at an Acme-themed Trials map in Trials Files.
Keywords: rooster; teeth; achievement; hunter; trials evolution; trials files; xbox 360; video game; commentary; geoff; jack
Downloads: 1
[movies]Monday Night Update: Episode 2
Welcome back for the second week of Monday Night Update. In this update, I discuss some resources for researching the automobile industry, highlight a cool web video tool called 12seconds, and discuss Xbox achievements and Gamertags.
Keywords: librarian; ohiou; university; alden; library; chad; boeninger; librarians; automobile; industry; 12seconds; gamertags; xbox; 360; achievements
Downloads: 1
[movies]AppAdvice Daily: Appisode 606
The best journal app just got better, some of our favorite apps have gone from paid to free, plus one must have that will keep all you collectibles in perfect viewing order. Day One - Journal: .99 The best journaling app around just got better with their latest update. Version 1.8 finally adds photos to the mix. Now as you write out your memories day by day, you can also attach a photo. Not only that, but weather information and gps is now also pinned to your entries...
Keywords: must have; pocketory; collections; 360 panorama; harbor master; free apps; day one - journal; app updates
Downloads: 1
[movies]Bleeding Edge TV 284: Nintendo's Reggie spotted at Microsoft's E3 Booth
www.BleedingEdgeTV.com - We were checking out the new Xbox Dashboard when who should walk in but Reggie Fils-Amé, CEO of Nintendo? Gear Live caught him earlier at the Nintendo Keynote, and we managed to capture a few quick shots of Reggie checking out what's new in Xbox. Check it out!
Keywords: technology; gear live; andru edwards; reggie fils-ame; nintendo; microsoft; xbox; xbox 360; xbox dashboard
Downloads: 2
[movies]Sage Reviews: Damnation
Games like this make me hate being a game critic.
Keywords: video gaming; sage reviews; damnation; video games; playstation; ps3; xbox360; thatguywiththeglasses; blisteredthumbs
Downloads: 3
[movies]Sage Reviews: Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena
A game better than the movie it's based off of!? Then again, it WAS a Vin Diesel movie..
Keywords: video gaming; dark athena; chronicles of riddick; xbox 360; ps3; playstation; sage reviews; video games
Downloads: 4
[movies]Bionic Commando in 5 seconds
Bionic Commando in 5 seconds.
Keywords: video gaming; bionic commando; xbox 360; 5 seconds; games; movies; angry joe; sean
Downloads: 5
[movies]Asura's Wrath Angry Review
More Anime than game, Asura's Wrath may not have the substance but it sure packs a punch. Angry Joe determines whether this spectacle is worth the price of admission.
Keywords: video gaming; asuras wrath; angry review; angry joe; game review; review; xbox 360; ps3
Downloads: 6
[movies]Binary Domain Angry Impressions
Watch as Angry Joe Plays through 15 minutes of Binary Domain. Part Terminator, Snatcher and Gears of War can this Japanese developed Third-person shooter capture a Western Audience?
Keywords: video gaming; angry joe; binary domain; impressions; review; gameplay; walkthrough; playthrough; xbox 360; ps3
Downloads: 1
[movies]Top Reasons Gears of War 2 Kicks Ass
AngryJoe and Tons0Fun take a look at Gears of War 2, the sequal to the hugely popular franchise. AngryJoe Loves the Lancer but has some New Combination Weapons of his own to Introduce for Gears of Wars 3!
Keywords: video gaming; gears of war 2; xbox 360; preview; review; angryjoe; parody; angry game review
Downloads: 7
[movies]Blood Bowl Angry Review
Angry Joe Reviews his Beloved Board Game Classic from Games Workshop, Blood Bowl. Could this be the next Mutant League Football? And does the digital version on PC and Xbox 360 live up to the original or does it fumble its golden opportunity?
Keywords: video gaming; bloodbowl; games workshop; xbox 360; pc review; review; angry joe
[movies]Fable 2 Negative Pardoy Review - PART 2
Heres Part II of AngryJoe and Tons0Fun's Fable II Nega Review only in this installment they TRY to look at the positive aspects that make Fable II one of the better games of this year.Also AngryJoe reacts to the Breaking News that Lionhead is already set to make a "Big Announcement" next week, regarding something for Fable II. Let the Speculation begin on what it is....
Keywords: video gaming; fable 2; game review; parody; show; angryjoe; xbox 360
Downloads: 1
[movies]BRINK Angry Review
Can Brinks Parkour Gameplay rise above the games noticeable faults? Angry Joe has the final say on the high stylized online team-based shooter.
Keywords: video gaming; brink; game review; xbox 360; ps3; pc; angry joe; parkour
Downloads: 1
[movies]Fallout 3 DLC Operation Anchorage - Parody & New Details
AngryJoe Announcement Video Parody for Fallout 3. We've got a parody and New Details on Operation Anchorage!Simulator BattlesNinja Blades and Stealth SuitsStrike Teamsand the Brotherhood Outkasts!
Keywords: video gaming; fallout 3; dlc; operation anchorage; xbox live; xbox 360; parody; gameplay
Downloads: 2
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